Recreational Program:  Please see Registration for class details. $10.00 per class. Batons are an additional $35.00. T shirt is $15.00                                        

Class Time for Both Terms: 6:00 -6:50 pm.

Dress Code: Pizzazz T Shirt and black on the bottom ( leggings)

Term One:  September 29th to December 15th – 2020 – 12 weeks x $10.00 = $120.00 payment 
Term Two:  January 12th to April 27th – 2021 – 15 weeks x $10.00 = $150.00 payment. Payment is done by e transfer: turnersusan1952@gmail.com

If you are looking for a recreational program that supports fitness, fun and friendship, the Pizzazz recreational program is a perfect match. Basic skills of baton twirling and movement are introduced and supported by a badge syllabus to give each child an understanding of what basic baton twirling and movement really is. Lesson plans are developed to create awareness to all baton twirling has to offer in a positive uplifting way for each child. Eye hand coordination, balance, flexibility, and performance skills are the areas of focus and concentration.

Pre-competitive $10.00 per class
Term One:  September 29th to December 15th – 2020, 6:00 pm – 7:45pm
Term Two: January 12th to April 27th – 2021, 6:00pm – 7:45pm
Prerequisite:  One year in recreational baton and Parent Participation:  one fundraiser participation

For the young child who loves attention, or the quieter child who needs some self confidence, this program fits the bill for both. This program allows for a little performing, the opportunity to progress as a team, with a little spark of challenge for each individual! This is a wonderful “no stress” program that allows each individual performer to shine amongst her teammates. Just the best experience to build friendships and confidence.  Pizzazz offers a strong teacher in mentoring positive “personal growth” and “team skills” that are helpful in day to day living.

Competitive Program: Tailored to the individual athlete
Cost : TBD
Full year commitment
Prerequisite:  One year in recreational baton and Parent Participation;  Parents support the goals of their children through fundraising and bingo participation.  Pizzazz competitive team is a group of twirlers and parents who work together to create opportunities and accomplishments!