2022 – 2023 Programs

During our 2021-2022 season we will be offering classes on Tuesday (Burlington) and Thursday ( in Hamilton)  evenings and  competative classes on Saturday 



Our recreational classes are an introductory class designed to let your children experience the excitement and challenge of the sport of baton twirling as well as an introduction to two dance disciplines, Jazz and Ballet. This is an upbeat class, fun for all involved, supporting positive interaction in a group environment. Children are grouped according to age.
Offered on TUESDAY and THURSDAY  (Hamilton) evenings. 
$182.00 per term


This class is for children who have been a part of our program for 1 or more years. Our competitive program offers lessons every Tuesday, and twice a month on Saturdays. Children participating in this program attend three competitions a year and train throughout the year individually as well as in a group setting in baton and dance.
Offered on TUESDAYS from 6:00 – 8:00 pm 
SATURDAYS from 10:00am – 12pm
Saturday lessons are only offered twice a month. Please contact Kim for information on Saturday lessons. 
* Saturday lessons are optional. Students do not have to do both days but highly recommended.
 $364.00 for Tuesdays only (2hr lessons) – can be paid in two installments


Burlington Lessons take place at Tansley Woods Community Centre. 

1996 Itabashi Way
Burlington, ON L7M 4J8

Hamilton Lessons take place at Passion to Fitness Gymnastic Club

600 Upper Wellington Street (downstairs)

Hamilton Ontario, L9A 3P9



Each term is fourteen weeks in length. 
Term One
Starts the week of September 19th 2022 until the week December 19th 2022
* One the last class of the term (during class time) we will be offering a Parents information night. You are encouraged to join and ask questions.
Term Two
Starts the week of January 9th 2023 until April 10th, 2023
*At the conclusion of term two we offer a RECITAL. This years Recital date will be set a later date.


Class Attire 

Each class requires your child to have a baton. You will receive your baton on the first evening of class. To find your child’s correct baton size please measure the length of their arm from armpit to end of middle finger. Please ensure you enter this number on your registration sheet. 
Cost $30.00
Our shirts have our name “Pizzazz” on the front. This presents uniformity in the class as well as appropriate attire for movement.
Cost $15.00
BLACK leggings are to be worn. They can be any brand.
Any dance shoe or a soft sole running shoe need to wore during class times. Dance or ballet shoes are optimal.
During lessons hair is to be in a ponytail and pulled back from their face. For children with short hair we ask that their hair be pulled back from their face.
For the girls who like to wear a hairpiece we offer a lovely blue bow that matches our t shirts with our name on it.
Cost $10.00